Clearing the Hoard: Update and Month 2

This challenge was created by Caffeinated Fae in an effort to reduce the number of physically owned but unread books in her collection. Make sure to head over to her post (linked above) to check it out.

So here we are, in month 2! If you want a refresher of what books I had selected and my reasoning, etc, head on over to my previous post. In that post I had selected five books and I read….one of them. Oops.

To be fair, my audiobook loan for The Cheerleaders expired shortly after I wrote that post and I only just recently was able to check it out again, so it will definitely get finished this month. The others (besides Battlefield Ghosts, which I finished) will maybe be added to this months list. Besides those I did manage to remove 3 other books from my physical TBR which were The Witch Boy, Norse Mythology and The Ten Thousand Doors of January. So while I didn’t get to all the ones I picked, I did get 4 physical books off of my TBR.

This month (besides those from last month) I would like to get to The Devouring Gray and Dragon Pearl, which I finally had come in from the library. Other than that I’m not going to make a list since I do have carry overs from last month.

So while January didn’t go exactly as planned, there were still four books from TBR to Read and that’s not too shabby. We’ll see what this month brings!

Happy reading!

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