Review: break your glass slippers

Amanda Lovelace, the bestselling & award-winning author of the “women are some kind of magic” poetry series, presents a new companion series, “you are your own fairy tale”. The first installment, break your glass slippers, is about overcoming those who don’t see your worth, even if that person is sometimes yourself. In the epic tale of your life, you are the most important character while everyone is but a forgotten footnote. Even the prince.

This is probably my favorite of Amanda Lovelace’s collections that I have read. There are powerful themes of toxic relationships, finding your way out of them and self empowerment, but there are also a ton of trigger warnings that go along with it. If you have been in a toxic relationship I would definitely go into this carefully, I’ve been in them and this spoke to me, but it may be completely triggering in a negative way to someone else. If you pick it up definitely check the trigger warning note at the front to evaluate if it’s something you want to pick up.

As always Lovelace’s imagery and the flow of her writing were beautiful. She is able to evoke such powerful messages in small little packages and I loved it. I’m definitely eager to see what else she comes out with in this new series as I completely loved this one.

Happy reading!

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