Review | Just Act Normal by John McNamee

This third collection from The Onion and the New Yorker contributor John McNamee features his most absurdly relatable comics on our futile attempts to seem “normal,” and why that’s hilarious.

Pie Comics began as a college comic strip way back in the mid ’00s, when flip phones roamed the earth. But after a shoulder injury forced cartoonist John McNamee to simplify his drawing style and improvise comics, Pie Comics evolved into the beloved strip it is today!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I won’t lie, when I see something described as being dry or sarcastic humor, I will definitely want to check it out. I really enjoyed this collection of comics as they perfectly suited my sense of humor. They took a real look at many of the cliches of growing up, as well as real situations that a lot of people face, with a sarcastic twist. I feel the simpler art style really lends to the quick jokes and humor of each comic and thoroughly enjoyed the read.

Happy reading!

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