Review | The Grimillet Sisters by Giovanni Di Gregorio

Being sisters is never easy. But when you’re as different as Sarah, Cassiopeia, and Lucille, it’s even harder! The first is haunted by recurring dreams, the second lives with her head in the clouds, and the last spends most of her time with her cat. Then one day they discover a mysterious photo of their mother pregnant. Where was it taken, and who is the baby? And most importantly, why was this photo hidden away in the depths of the attic? To find out, they’ll have to venture into the tangled forest of the Grémillet family secrets!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

First things first, the art style of this graphic novel is absolutely breathtaking. It is full of whimsy, vibrant colors and depth. I was instantly drawn into the story on that alone. The story is centered around three sisters who are very different and have different talents. They do show some of the common insecurities that siblings have based on their place in the family, but also band together to try and discover what their mother may be hiding. They each try to process and discover things in their own ways, which leads to both self discoveries, blowups and some hurt feelings, but they come back together because they are family. It was a sweet story with just the right touch of whimsy and I really loved it.

Happy reading!

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