Review | Mythopedia: An Encyclopedia of Mythical Beasts and Their Magical Tales by Good Wives and Warriors

From the West African fable of Anansi the Spider, to Michabo, the magical hare who rebuilt the world and Tanuki, the sweet but troublesome raccoon-dog of Japanese folklore, Mythopedia is an encyclopedia of mythical creatures that covers legends, tales and myths from around the world.

Lovingly created by the illustration duo behind popular flipbook Myth MatchGood Wives and Warriors, this book contains pages upon pages of cultural folklore from around the world.

Let these weird and wonderful creatures spark your child’s imagination for their own storytelling and drawing while teaching them about international cultures. 

Rating: 5 out of 5.

When I initially heard about this book I knew I wanted it on my shelves, but in person it is absolutely stunning! I love that mythical creatures from all areas of the world were included, but almost feel like there could be multiple volumes of this since it only scratched the surface. The art within perfectly accents each description of the creatures as well as the selected stories/legends that go along with a number of them. I really felt that the cultures and depictions of these creatures were well represented. If you’re interested in mythical creatures from cultures all over the world at all I would recommend adding this to your collection.

Happy reading!

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