Review: Witchcraft and Monsters

witchcraft and monsters coversI’m not always the biggest fan of modern poetry collections, but I could resist checking out this title when I saw the cover and description and I’m so glad I did. Though this book is very short, the author’s writing is lyrical and descriptive. There were phrases that literally made me suck in a breath because they were so impactful. I can’t say that there were any poems within this collection that I disliked and found myself identifying with so many of them.

This collection is broken up into different sections that feel like a natural progression. Not only do the themes evolve and change as you make your way through it, but as you make your way through the poems become more reality and less fantasy. It’s obvious that the author has poured herself into this work and truly laid out many of her emotions and thoughts for the reader. That kind of vulnerability is not an easy thing to do and all the more beautiful for it.

I definitely recommend picking this collection up and giving it a read and hope to see more from this author in the future.  Witchcraft and Monsters by Kala Godin is coming out on January 21st by Patchwork press.

Happy reading!

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