Wrap Up and Haul | April 2020

April was a very interesting month, to be sure. Whether you’re an essential worker, high risk, suddenly without employment or otherwise, it’s been a difficult season. I have been lucky enough to keep my full time job and have been allowed to work from home, which is good since I am part of the high risk population. Even with this my anxiety and depression have been increasing and my ability to focus on things such as reading has been hampered.

That being said imagine my surprise when I ended up reading the most books of the year so far in April! To be fair many of those that were not review books were either graphic novels or novella length so they were relatively quick reads.

In total I read 29 books, 16 of which were review books. The rest were ebooks. Yep, that’s right, I didn’t read any physical books from my TBR. The only physical book I was able to move to my read shelf was Night of the Dragon, which I read as an ARC and had pre-ordered a physical copy.

For star ratings I had five 2 star books, nine 3 star books, eleven 4 star books and four 5 star books. Overall a positive reading month in that respect.

Now onto the books I hauled. Overall not a ton added to the TBR list, but there were some. April is my birthday month, so in lieu of getting together for my birthday my mom paid for a Book Outlet order as well as a Thriftbooks order. In addition to those I did get some books from Amazon and Book of the Month.

There were more books in the Book Outlet order (picture on the left) but they were books I had already read so they went on the read shelf and don’t go into my TBR. The same goes for the Thrift Books order, but that order was another big batch of Nancy Drew books to add to my collection.

So that covers everything! Hopefully May will be a better month mental health wise (I know so many people are suffering right now with similar things) and will lead to me knocking more books off of my TBR!

What did you pick up this month? Happy reading!

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