Review | A Sheriff’s Star by Makenna Lee

It was only supposed to be a temporary home…

He interrupts her plans…

When police chief Anson Curry returns a lost little girl to her frantic mother, his only goal is to ease the single mom’s anxiety. But it doesn’t take long for Tess Harper’s amazing child to have Anson wrapped around her little finger—and for Tess to have him thinking about a possible relationship. As for Tess, she’s tempted—even though she had planned to be in Oak Hollow, Texas, only temporarily. But after losing her father and brother in the line of duty, Tess thinks Anson’s job poses too much of a risk to her heart. And Anson has no plans to get involved with someone who’s planning on leaving.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

While this one is a Christmas romance, if you are looking for a quick holiday romance anytime of the year it would work. The writing style of the book makes it a quick and easy read and while some of the aspects are very cute, there’s a lot of heart and struggle to this book as well. I totally understand Tess’ reluctance to allow anyone close to her and her daughter or accept help from others, so seeing Anson work his way into her heart and life and show her that others do want to help her and care for her. I really enjoyed this one and would look forward to more from Makenna Lee in the future.

Happy reading!

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