Review | Ghosts of Boston by Sam Baltrusis

It should come as no surprise that one of the nation’s oldest cities brims with spirits of those who lived and died in its hundreds of years of tumultuous history. Boston, Massachusetts, boasts countless stories of the supernatural. Many students at Boston College have encountered an unearthly hound that haunts O’Connell House to this day. Be on the watch for an actor who sits in on rehearsals at Huntington Theatre and restless spirits rumored to haunt Boston Common at night. From the Victorian brownstones of Back Bay to the shores of the Boston Harbor Islands, author Sam Baltrusis makes it clear that there is hardly a corner of the Hub where the paranormal cannot be experienced as he breathes new life into the tales of the long departed.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Having enjoyed Ghosts of Salem by the same author, I was excited to pick this one up. While it was formatted in the same way and had equally compelling and interesting stories, the language used and the flow wasn’t as good as the other book to me. I found myself struggling a little bit to get through this one. The stories were definitely packed full of information and history, as well as interesting ghost tidbits, but I felt like the language used and sentence structure didn’t flow as well as the author’s other writing. Still, it’s a solid entry in the series and the stories were enjoyable and interesting.

Happy reading!

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