Review | Coney – A Trip to Luna Park by Jeffrey Lindberg

It’s 1904, and Luna Park is being built on the sand dunes of Coney Island, Brooklyn. This is bad news for the rabbit Selena, because it will be built right on top of her burrow! Fortunately, she meets Millie, a girl who loves rabbits. She helps Selena cope with the loss of her home.

This magical story weaves together the tale of two friends, and how they confront the men who have destroyed Selena’s home. Against the backdrop of images of Luna Park, the story reaches a dramatic conclusion in nighttime Coney Island!

Take a trip back in time to Luna Park, when for a few pennies you could travel all the way to the moon!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This book is absolutely charming. I didn’t know anything about the history of Coney Island, but it was nice to see a little glimpse in the sprinkled real life details throughout the story. The art was breathtaking and seemed to perfectly capture that vibrancy you would imagine when these parks opened, as well as feeling appropriate to the period. It was a very cute story overall, with Selena the rabbit and Millie having a fun adventure together in the park.

Happy reading!

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