Review: Pilu of the Woods by Mai Nguyen

Pilu of the woodsPilu of the Woods follows Willow, a little girl who obviously has been going through some emotional turmoil and at some point has had some trauma in her life. This story explores grief, loneliness anger and a number of other strong emotions that many people must learn to handle at a young age. Throughout her journey she meets Pilu and the girls bond while they learn how to handle their emotions and exactly what those emotions cause within them.

I was not prepared for the emotions I experienced while reading this. The emotions were so heartfelt and real with both little girls having to learn things about themselves and how they feel about different situations. I was prepared for this to be a sweet story, but it was so much more than that. At times what both Pilu and Willow were feeling were very raw, real emotions that are hard to deal with and accept, but they find a way. The girls have clear personalities that make them relatable to the reader and when they struggle the reader can certainly feel it.

I absolutely loved the art style of this story. Muted earth tones along with the style itself gave the story a beautiful, whimsical look. It was easy to follow and so easily draws one in with clear details. Everything from the characters to the backgrounds was well thought out and so enjoyable to experience.

Pilu of the Woods comes out on April 16, 2019 from Oni Press.  I definitely recommend pre-ordering or picking up this one when it comes out.  It was an absolutely enjoyable read and would be a great addition to any library.

Happy reading!

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